The Garbage Gallery

By José De La Cruz Jr.  joedlc71/joedlc1971

my dear shirley, I did this video with love, really since leaving the market I thought this song would make an official video, always left me with images in my head of this song, I identify a lot with this, has a lot of energy, we add some scenes from previous videos of the band and a memorable scene of Nosferatu, I hope you like 

and post it on your twitter if you can :)

"I think all of us at some point in our lives had someone say to us- a member of a teaching staff, a parent, an aunt, a sibling- and say, ‘You’re weird.’ And you know what, we are. We are. And we should be fucking proud of it because to be weird in this gutless culture is to be an adventurer. To be weird right now is to be on the boundaries, to be looking into some new territory. To be weird right now is to be brave and to be strong and to be against the flow and that seems to me to be a wonderful condition."
-Clive Barker
My Creation For The Much Anticipated Garbage Release On RSD 2014 “Time Will Destroy Everything” A Very Special Thank You To Carlos D’Amico
By José De La Cruz Jr.  joedlc71/joedlc1971
Sex, Drugs & Depression - Stars Of My Youth 
Hope you like it! xoxo
Why do you love me. By Johnny Redford.
A shirley manson pencil-drawing ^_^
hi my wonderful favourite band of this world<3 I hope you like it , your songs always inspired me and calm  me, when I am sad your songs are the best medicine , greetings form Mexico, I love you guys :) keep making this wonderful songs
"The Portrait shows Shirley Manson and one of her biggest Fan Sascha." - Missi Love
Happy holidays, darklings! With love, Kimi